The German Concept of Fehlerkultur an its Pedagogical Implications…

Interessanter Beitrag, in dem die deutsche Auffassung von Fehlerkultur mit der amerikanischen beschrieben und verglichen wird.

„…In the last 20 years, there has been renewed interest in Fehlerkultur from Switzerland through German speaking social science circles, especially in economic and education studies (Weingardt, 2004, pp. 20-21, Oser & Spychiger, 2005). Researchers and pedagogues have recognized a need to develop a culture where admitting error can not only be accepted but tolerated and then utilized for improvement (Chott, 2006, p. 131). The current American educational landscape, with its increasing pressure to measure students’ learning outcomes through standardized assessments, does not always leave room (or time!) for a deeper look into what causes errors, mistakes, and slips or their pedagogic value. Two different people can answer a test question incorrectly in the same way for vastly different reasons. Developing a learning culture that plays with the process of arriving at an error can be incredibly helpful for creating a stable learning process that goes beyond the checklists of standardized assessment….“

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